Prayer Requests

People of God, We all have so much to pray for not only for our families and ourselves but other situations in the world. Whatever the prayer is for, share it and receive support in the form of thoughts and prayers from Prolific Praise Worship Center and the community.

Remember when the praises go up, blessings come down!!.

Gloria Blount

over a year ago by Tynesia Davenport

4 Prayers

Hello again I wanted to put in a prayer for my mother Gloria Blount. She just found out that she had cancer again and that it is in her liver this time. I know that she is strong and will be able to get through this but I would like add extra prayer to her. Thank you.

antonio clark

over a year ago by Tynesia Davenport

Hello I ask that you can put Antonio Clark in your prayers. He has got himself into some trouble. He is a good person in heart and just need some guidance. if you can please pray for him. Thank you

cukup2 la ana bagi k

over a year ago by Jaylon

cukup2 la ana bagi kenaytaan, kalau betul pun Riz tu salah, awk dah 3x kahwin cerai, buruk ada kat awak jugak!Hot debate. What do you think? 6 4